Air Fryer Chicken Wings

by Sara Lilian



Chicken wings are great, but sometimes, you don’t want all the oil in them. here are some great air fryer chicken wings for you to try.


Freshly ground black pepper

4 tbsp. melted butter

1/4 c. hot sauce (such as Frank’s)

2 lb. chicken wings

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

Nonstick cooking spray

1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

Kosher salt

Blue cheese dressing, for serving


Take the wings and season this with pepper and salt, and then, put nonstick spray for cooking inside your air fryer.

Set this to 380 degrees and let this sit to cook for about 12 minutes. Take the air fryer tray out, flip over the wings, and then cook this for another 12 minutes. Increase the heat to 400 degrees, and then cook for another five or so minutes.

While these cook, get a bowl, and combine the butter, hot sauce, garlic powder, and the Worcestershire sauce. Once the wings are done, put the wings in this, and then coat this in a gentle manner. Add blue cheese or ranch dressing for you to dip these in.


What kind of sauce can I use?

The beauty of this is that while we do offer Franks as the main hot sauce, you can pretty much use any. Some people like it more spicy, others like buffalo sauce. Some may like it with a bit of a teriyaki sauce texture to it.

If you’re a hot sauce connoisseur, don’t be afraid to experiment with this, because it definitely is worth trying out.

What are the best sides for this?

A side of buffalo sauce, blue cheese or ranch, and some veggies definitely can’t hurt. If you feel adventurous, try cooking some air fryer potatoes, and then throw them to the side of these for a nice fried chicken dinner that isn’t as fraught with oil.

How do I make crispy wings?

Crispy wings are what most people who love wings go for.  If you want this, you need to pat your chicken before you begin. You should do this with a paper towel and make sure the chickens are totally dry before you decide to season this.

Some people also like to let the wings sit without coverage in the fridge for about an hour or so before you season this.

If you want, sprinkle this with a little bit of kosher salt, or cover it with a lot of kosher salt to get it all the way to the bone, and it’ll offer the best flavors possible for the chicken wings.

What’s the best dressing to use?

Ideally, ranch dressing is really good, but blue cheese is also a great option. You should also look at possibly making your own if you’re looking to possibly et adventurous.  You can make an herby ranch dressing out of this.

Some people like to flavor the wings different too. You can make them spicy and sweet, or you can even add some lemon pepper to this in order to make sure that they taste the way that you want. The possibilities are endless with these wings, so don’t be afraid to get creative with the dressing used for these, and the seasonings.

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